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This page includes current articles that you can read to understand what is real.


Hint:  It's not what Donald thinks.

Read About Ukraine Here

This is an excellent research article explaining key issues in Ukraine.




 End of Summer by Mark Kasen


School is starting.  Our learning environments remain flawed.   Students need creative opportunities to expand their horizons.



The Deportation Terror by Rachel Ida Buff

September 2008 American Quarterly


This article examines deportation as terror.  There is excellent reading about this in a recent book Deportation in the Americas:  Histories of Exclusion and Resistance edited by Zimmer and Salinas


Linda Greenhouse on Trump dishonesty when addressing the courts.  An excellent explanation of recent decisions and the future consideration of DACA.


Kasen's paper on ISIS and various adversaries of the US.


This article explores Iran's push for nuclear weapons and how that might affect the rest of the world.  Waltz and Sagan Debate.

Journal Article on Immigrant Behavior Posted June 13, 2019


Ex-Prosecutors: Trump Would've Been Charged if Not President

By the Associated Press

May 6, 2019



Steven Noble for Barron's

When Corrections Fail: The persistence of political misperceptions Brendan Nyhan RWJ Scholar in Health Policy Research School of Public Health University of Michigan

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